Thursday, July 30, 2015

What's Up With the Food? #KidsDeserveIt #teamkid #beawesome

Seriously, I'm so frustrated with restaurant menus for kids. My wife is too!

It's much more than just about the food though, I'll explain!

Chicken nuggets - Chicken fingers - Grilled Cheese - Hot Dog - Pasta with butter - Pasta with some red sauce - And that's about it. 

Is that our expectation of young tastebuds? What does that say about our expectation for kids in other areas?

We don't eat meat in our house, my four and two year old have never tasted it. But we eat really great food that has amazing flavor. We treat meals (especially dinner) as an experience and raise the bar for our kids and feed them well!

If we give kids low expectations, how do they know any better? John Hattie even talks about having low expectations and how it impedes learning. I don't have data like Hattie to back up my claims, but a low food mindset for kids (at home and restaurants) is a low achievement mindset at school and maybe in life.

My kids eat wild salmon because it tastes amazing! They eat kale and chard because my daughter helps me sauté it with her apron on. My son thinks fresh figs are dessert and my four-year old could eat pumpkin bolani with yogurt sauce everyday!  If you have low food expectations for your kids, do you think you have high academic expectations for them?

We just spent last week in Lake Tahoe and ordered from the 'adult' menu one evening. Both my children had halibut with garlic mashed potatoes at a local restaurant. Our waitress was awesome and even commented on how they both ate so well! Not really, that's just what they know.

Is it all in the delivery? Like an engaging teacher that everyone loves and kids can't wait to go to school each day! Or a 'boring' teacher that's long winded and doesn't connect with the class?

Who would you rather learn from?

Would your kids have higher food aspirations if Jacques was cooking? His feisty knife skills, olive oil and butter on everything with the French accent?

(don't watch the entire video, you'll get the point!)

Or, Chef Matt making tortilla's with little engagement? Hot dogs, grilled cheese and pasta with butter? (don't watch the entire video, you'll get the point!)

Please understand my intention is not to degrade certain types of food that people eat. I just see a trend and am concerned......

- We can do better!
- Our kids deserve better!
- It will taste better!
- They'll expect better!
- They'll aim higher!
- I'll bet they won't gravitate towards hot dogs and tater tots anymore :)

Aim high, go high! - Expect greatness, achieve awesome! - At a restaurant, in life and especially at school!

Love this @nytimes video, all kids should have this experience!

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