Thursday, July 16, 2015

Where Do You Learn #KidsDeserveIt #savmp

Where do you learn? 

This thought has been on my brain a ton lately, @techninjatodd and I even wrote our first blog post about it here. As you can see from the post we're huge advocates of Twitter! But if you're not on Twitter, where do you learn?

- Where are you getting new ideas?
- How are you meeting educators other than those you directly work with?
- How are you connecting classrooms so they can collaborate?

Are you reading magazines? Newspapers? Are you waiting for summer to attend a conference?

If so, that's not enough.

This is an amazing time to be an educator. We have the opportunity to be connected and learn with so many other educators that simply wasn't possible even just ten years ago. Thinking back from my first few years as a teacher, I always just 'learned' from the three other teachers in my grade level. I remember only a few professional development speakers and they mainly focused on testing strategies. It simply wasn't possible to access the learning floodgates that we have now!

If you're not on Twitter you're doing your teachers/students/parents/school disservice, because where do you learn? We must be the best for our students, that means we must be continually learning for them!

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