Wednesday, July 8, 2015

More Than Just Food #hungerfreesummer

My wife grew up with enough food and so did I. My kids have even more food and opportunities thanks our parents who encouraged us and pushed the power of education. Lately I've been having more conversations with my kids ( 4 and 2) about food and the fact that children who live close to us don't have enough.

My kids also are very aware of what I do for a living. They love coming to visit school and especially enjoy hanging out in my office. I've told them quite a few times about some students at my school who don't have enough food to eat. That I buy some kids lunch on occasion and there is a Principal lunch card in the cafeteria for any food emergencies with a student.

Last night at dinner we were having this conversation in more depth and I decided we needed to do more. I told my kids we were going to take $5 from each of their savings banks to buy food and donate to our local food bank. Also that I would donate $100 to the food bank to help as well, they were excited!

We went to Safeway this morning with our money and starting filling up the cart. They both had a great time shopping and my daughter wanted to buy some cereal to donate also. We had to ask which aisle it was on and inadvertently started a conversation with the store manager. My daughter started telling him what we were doing and he seemed really excited. 

We were picking out cereal and Jeremy (store manager) walked up and gave us a gift card for $50, he wanted to help out too! I couldn't believe it and had to take a selfie, thank you so much Jeremy!

Thanks to Kid President for promoting  #hungerfreesummer hashtag on Twitter, check them both out!

Please help and donate food or money to your local food bank so all kids can have a #hungerfreesummer - It's more than just about food!

Getting their money sorted out!

Full cart, my daughter told me we still had room!

Thank you Jeremy!

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