Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Utilize Donors Choose - And Tweet About It #naesp15

 We were at dinner last night #naesp15 and I saw this Tweet come through from a teacher in my district. I retweeted of course and Nick sent me a text to my phone saying thanks.

The past three years we've had LOTS of success with Donors Choose, almost $80,000 in grants in only three years. How did we make this happen? Awesome teachers who write the grants and harnessing the power of social media to share the grants with the world. We've also been very fortunate with Fuel Your Schools and Chevron, huge thanks to them.

Back to the story.....I was at dinner with @TechNinjaTodd and sent him a DM asking to share out the grant, wanted to see how fast we could get $555 funded on Donors Choose. Todd Tweeted out the link, and.......three hours later it was fully funded!

The power of Donors Choose plus Social Media (Twitter) works, make it happen for your school today! It's not longer okay to say you're not connected or don't want to be engaged, your teachers and students deserve it!

Thank you to everyone who donated to @nmlfeedmysoul and the power of Twitter. 

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