Saturday, August 1, 2015

Yes You Can - I Know You Can! #YouDeserveIt

I can't - No way - It's too hard - I'm not old enough - I'm too old - I'm not techy like you 

What is it with failure? Or is it about failure? I've come to believe it's a combination of things. 

This isn't just about kids either, I hear this from adults too often as well. Years ago when I taught 5th grade we were at outdoor camp for the week. A parent chaperone was hanging out by the climbing wall and watching all the kids go up and down. I encouraged Carol to try and she gave me a crazy look.

"I'm too old and out of shape, plus I don't like heights."

After some encouraging from me (I'm good at pushing people) she harnessed up and started climbing! She made it clear she only wanted to go up halfway. Well, at the midway point I organized the kids and we rooted her on! She kept climbing higher, and higher and then the bell rang.

She'd made it all the way. After she descended and took off the harness she came right over to me. Looked me in the eye and gave me a hug. She didn't say anything, just the hug. 

Was it fear that almost kept her on the ground? Or the encouragement to accomplish a goal and belief during an event?

Don't walk out, don't give up, stay strong, you can do it! Rudy did, against SO many odds! What if hadn't gone to that last practice? How much would have been lost?

I also need to bring my four-year old daughter into this post. She's totally glommed on to monkey bars within the last six months and we're always looking for new parks to try some out. We went to my friends school this morning (@HVEHuskies) and there were some super long bars. 

She spotted them from across the yard and rode her bike over. 

"Dad, I want to try those monkey's!"

"You bet, let's go."

She climbs the ladder.....

"Dad, I'm nervous, I can't. Hold my legs the entire way."

"No way Greta, you can do it, let's go!"

"I can't....."

"Yes you can, now make it happen!"

Please watch the video below!

I'm starting to think more that it's not so much about the fear of failure. It's more a lack of encouragement. We need each other. Nobody can do it alone. 

- We must believe in our kids!
- We must encourage our kids!
- We must push our colleagues! 
- We have to encourage those around us!
- We're so much better together if those around us believe in themselves and push us as well!

Yes You Can - I Know You Can!

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