Wednesday, July 1, 2015

What It's All About #naesp15

What's it all about? 

For me, it's all about our students and building relationships with other educators to become better for our students. There are many more layers than that of course, but relationships are at the core of our work. 

Being an Elementary Principal can be lonely, usually we're the only administrator on campus and talking with another admin sometimes can be super helpful. 

We're at NAESP in Long Beach right now and am hanging/learning/collaborating/Tweeting/rapping with other Principals that I've 'known' for months and even years. I know them because of the amazing online world that can change how you lead your school and feel connected to others. 

These people aren't just 'friends' that you can send your vacation photos too. They're people who care about kids, want to innovate for kids, support teachers in their work, build an environment on campus that pushes the envelope and looks at next practices so our schools are relevant, and mainly they're people who care about you and will offer support if you reach out. 

A goal of mine this week at NAESP is to get others connected. Not necessarily connected with me, but really showing them how to harness the power to deepen their relationships with other Principals who care about kids. 

Meeting my SAVMP mentor @PeterMDeWitt for the first time! Was paired up with Peter two years ago via @gcouros and connected through GHO, Voxer, Twitter and of course blogging. Single biggest person to impact my administrative career, thank you Peter!

 @GustafsonBrad Always working hard for kids and other admins, so honored to know you Brad! First connected through Voxer by some other admins, now doing work together with our students and swapping blog post via Twitter.

 @brandonkblom Connected on Voxer and Twitter through Amy and CUE Rockstar, meeting in person for first time, putting kids first!

My SFAM @mrsfadeji the one and only! An EdCamp brought us together many years ago, Voxer and Twitter plus other meet-ups keeps us connected and learning!

@mrsfadeji and @kathyamelton doing it right for Bean Bag tournament, these two ladies only just met in person earlier today.

Kids dig energy, @GustafsonBrad brings it! Twitter and Voxer brought us together!

The legendary @TechNinjaTodd finally meeting face to face! We got connected through Remind almost a year ago, and of course Twitter and Voxer.

Cool calm and collected @danpbutler so great to know you! First connected through Voxer, always Tweeting, a few GHOs and blogging away!

Hey @chaugen (photo bomb) Face to face connections a lot, daily on Voxer too, such a smart lady!

Met @Ben_educating day one in Long Beach, connected through Twitter and he's also on Voxer chats!

Yes, that's @ToddWhitaker quick chat today, plus some Voxer love, thanks Todd!

@GustafsonBrad interviewing @ToddWhitaker love the instant collaboration!

Lovely chatting with Missy from @PPrincipals making great things happen for Principals!

Kate @kateaugusta walks up to me and ask for help getting connected, you bet, sit down!

@kasnelson Connecting with others, told her about @DaisyDyerDuerr to connect some dots, following on Twitter and will continue learning together I'm sure!

The one and only @mmiller7571 so fun to chat and learn together!

Walking around and met Lynn, got him on Voxer as I walked by. Hooked him and his colleague up, turned on their contacts and they started Voxing other colleagues back home. Power of collaboration!

What are you doing to connect and learn from others to make your practice and school better for kids?!

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