Wednesday, July 1, 2015

This Is What I Stand For! #naesp15

I stand for a lot, but when it comes to being a Principal, this is some of what I stand for!

- All kids are awesome!
- All kids want to succeed, it's our job to help them find their way!
- High fives are fun!
- Leave any bad emotions in your car, kids deserve the best everyday!
- No kid should be hungry, buy lunch for those that need it!
- I don't take myself too serious, show kids you're a real person, they'll appreciate that!
- Do things in your school with high KDI factor, make them excited to learn!
- Connecting my school with other schools makes us both better - Twitter blows the doors off Open House, share the #eduawesome everyday!
- Student voice is the most powerful voice of all, put them out in front to lead the charge!
- You or your teachers will NEVER fully know or understand all the technology, don't try. Empower your teachers and then students to be creative innovative thinkers and cut them loose.
- Connecting parents to your school and classrooms is paramount. Bring the learning to them and get them engaged, they'll work harder for the community and you'll build amazing school culture!
- Twitter works, hands down. Get your entire staff Tweeting to share and collaborate, trust me!
- Empower teachers to be leaders and make decisions!

The posters below hang in my office, constant reminders are important!

What do you stand for?

Listen to some other great Principals talk about what they stand for via @voxer



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