Sunday, February 16, 2014

TCRWP - Here I Come! #tcrwp #savmp

It's 4:30am in California and it's fully normal for me to be up at this time, my 'normal' routine is a 4:00 or 4:15am wake-up each day. Today though is not normal because a Town Car is coming to pick-me up for SFO and my much anticipated trip to NY and TCRWP!

Eleven years ago was my first introduction to Writers Workshop from none other than my current Administrative coach, Robert Alpert. (Note - I'm working on Robert and getting him on Twitter!) I can vividly remember the training and him 'telling' stories throughout the week long seminar at Montair Elementary in Danville, it changed my teaching and had a lasting impact!

Now, I'm an Elementary Principal and we've launched Writers Workshop at John Swett Elementary and bringing my school to the next level with Workshop is why I'm going! Can't wait to connect with educators I already know and meet so many more.

My wife and I are a parenting team, and this is the longest period of time I'll be away from her and our two children. She's slightly nervous for the busyness that is G and T our two children, but I know she'll be fine and have fun while I'm gone.

As I told some students last Friday when talking about my trip....."I'm going to NY to become a better Principal!" #enoughsaid #teamkid

Watch this blog and twitter ( @awelcome ) and follow the #tcrwp hashtag throughout the week!

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