Monday, February 17, 2014

Small Group Section - Center Work w/ @AlexisCzeterko #tcrwp

A totally PACKED room with Alexis Czeterko this morning for our first small group section of the week!

Some initial thoughts/ideas........

It's all about the mini-lesson.....start with a picture, ask questions, take notes.

- "What specifically do you see going on, look for those details?"
- "What jumps out at you right away?"
- "What do you notice about the kids in this picture."
- "Do you recognize anyone in the artifact?"
- "Get a gist of the picture, look closer at the details and record together!"
- "Take a second and third look at the picture, REALLY get a look at the details!"

Now for our first assignment, 'Paired Texts Center'

Read similar text sets, compare and contrast, non-fiction is huge, have a mid-workshop lesson and go for different note taking types! The mid-workshop lesson is really a great time/chance to infuse ideas while the kids are deep in the learning, push their thinking, such great coachable moments.

Love sports analogies and it's like your coach being with you on the course, helping/pushing/teaching while you're in the game!

Note taking ideas.....

- sketch notes
- boxes and bullets
- timeline
- 2-column chart
- flowchart

More to come!

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