Thursday, July 30, 2015

What's Up With the Food? #KidsDeserveIt #teamkid #beawesome

Seriously, I'm so frustrated with restaurant menus for kids. My wife is too!

It's much more than just about the food though, I'll explain!

Chicken nuggets - Chicken fingers - Grilled Cheese - Hot Dog - Pasta with butter - Pasta with some red sauce - And that's about it. 

Is that our expectation of young tastebuds? What does that say about our expectation for kids in other areas?

We don't eat meat in our house, my four and two year old have never tasted it. But we eat really great food that has amazing flavor. We treat meals (especially dinner) as an experience and raise the bar for our kids and feed them well!

If we give kids low expectations, how do they know any better? John Hattie even talks about having low expectations and how it impedes learning. I don't have data like Hattie to back up my claims, but a low food mindset for kids (at home and restaurants) is a low achievement mindset at school and maybe in life.

My kids eat wild salmon because it tastes amazing! They eat kale and chard because my daughter helps me sauté it with her apron on. My son thinks fresh figs are dessert and my four-year old could eat pumpkin bolani with yogurt sauce everyday!  If you have low food expectations for your kids, do you think you have high academic expectations for them?

We just spent last week in Lake Tahoe and ordered from the 'adult' menu one evening. Both my children had halibut with garlic mashed potatoes at a local restaurant. Our waitress was awesome and even commented on how they both ate so well! Not really, that's just what they know.

Is it all in the delivery? Like an engaging teacher that everyone loves and kids can't wait to go to school each day! Or a 'boring' teacher that's long winded and doesn't connect with the class?

Who would you rather learn from?

Would your kids have higher food aspirations if Jacques was cooking? His feisty knife skills, olive oil and butter on everything with the French accent?

(don't watch the entire video, you'll get the point!)

Or, Chef Matt making tortilla's with little engagement? Hot dogs, grilled cheese and pasta with butter? (don't watch the entire video, you'll get the point!)

Please understand my intention is not to degrade certain types of food that people eat. I just see a trend and am concerned......

- We can do better!
- Our kids deserve better!
- It will taste better!
- They'll expect better!
- They'll aim higher!
- I'll bet they won't gravitate towards hot dogs and tater tots anymore :)

Aim high, go high! - Expect greatness, achieve awesome! - At a restaurant, in life and especially at school!

Love this @nytimes video, all kids should have this experience!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Being a Principal - Being a Kid #KidsDeserveIt

This morning I ran ten miles with my kids in our double jogger. Both our joggers have thousands of miles each and both our kids have been running with my wife and I since they were born. The first couple miles I didn't feel great, then as usual my body warmed up and I caught my groove, then on the turn around my phone was going off and we had to make some stops!

Of course being a Principal I think about school even when I'm not at school.

How I felt running this morning brought me to how I feel sometimes as Principal, and how I'm sure our kids feel at times too!

- Feeling really awesome, like you were Born to Run!

- Sometimes crawling to the finish of a day or even a year!

- And on occasion being pulled in many different directions!

Forget about me.....if I'm feeling this way, how are our kids feeling?

- Grades
- Tests
- After school sports/activities
- Divorced parents
- Friends
- Bullying
- Hunger
- Money
- What else??????

Being a Principal is hard work, it's rewarding and fun but it's challenging.

Being a kid is hard work too, it's rewarding and fun but it's challenging.

We must put kids first!

- Think about their emotions
- Their story that we don't know
- Are they hungry
- How many different directions they're being pulled in

Give them kudos when they're cruising like Bruce in the video above!

Lend a hand and some empathy when they're crawling like the runner in the video above!

Give them some slack when they're being pulled in fifty different directions like in the video above! 

If you're an educator, thanks for all you do, our kids need us!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Kids Need Social Media Exposure - Here's What Sully Thinks #KidsDeserveIt

Todays guest post is written by Sullivan who was a student at my former school for three years. He'll be entering 6th grade this year and his experiences with social media are below!

Looking back at my experiences with social media in elementary school, I have great memories of my time creating a weekly podcast, being a social media intern and attending breakfast at the Martinez Rotary Club.
I was new student to John Swett in third grade. Mr. Welcome approached me with an idea to do a weekly talk show,and podcast using an app called AudioBoo, we’d call it “This Week with Sully”. One of the many benefits of this opportunity is that I was able to meet a lot of new people and make new friends. Whether they were asking me to mention something on the show, or they just thought it was cool that I got to be on a podcast with Mr. Welcome, I spoke to people I may not have had the chance to otherwise. I also really enjoyed sharing my opinions and interests, such as, sports, reading new books and movies I had seen recently.  Getting to do “This Week with Sully” helped me become more fluid with speaking, it was good practice for public speaking in and outside of the classroom and it was always fun to work with  Mr. Welcome. He and I would brainstorm and then throw together a speech. Now that I think about it, this was one of my favorite experiences in elementary school.

During the first ever student council meeting of the year another student and I were given the post of Social Media Interns. We were taught how to use Twitter, then we were given Mr. Welcome’s iPad and told to take pictures of things we saw that looked interesting. We took pictures of art projects, kids at recess, and everyday activities we thought were funny. Being a social media intern was a great experience for me because I would like to write and direct movies for a living. I thought that being a social media intern was almost like being a journalist. It also helped me learn how to use a social media platform appropriately and correctly. I believe it was like we were giving teachers ideas from other teachers, as I know that most teachers do this. We didn’t only take pictures, but we asked questions and got to participate in conversations. It was like the technology version of a school newspaper.

When my internship was finished I got the privilege of taking a visit to the Martinez Rotary Club for breakfast one school morning. We were asked to speak about what benefits social media has to offer in education today. We explained that we were the social media interns and how our job was to take pictures of things around the school and put them on Twitter for parents and other kids to see. The members of Rotary had many questions, but the recurring questions were mostly along the lines of “what if a student does something inappropriate through using Social Media?.” Mr. Welcome explained that there was an app used by a teacher that monitors all the computers in his or her classroom. He also explained the many positives, such as using Twitter, that can make the campus seem like it’s Open House all year.  I think they were convinced.  

As I reflect back, I really do appreciate the experiences I was given through the exposure to and privilege of the use of social media and technology. I think that podcasts, social media, and even speaking to the rotary club only begins to describe the benefits of social media in Elementary School.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

More Celebration Please - More Students Celebrating! #KidsDeserveIt

This image came through our @kidsdeserveit Twitter feed yesterday from @mrdearybury1 and I grabbed it right away!

Then this morning I hopped on #sunchat for a bit which was based around taking risks in schools. I shared some ideas about students Tweeting from your school account, student voice and this video of Tony Hawk which I love!

Then I was watching a clip of Genzebe Dibaba breaking the Women's 1500m world record yesterday, which was absolutely amazing. 

My uncle was a runner, had his own shoe with Nike and even competed in the 1988 Olympics. The video above brought me back to his days and all the cameras hoarding the runners after a race. They all want a photo, statement and of course more photos.

How come we don't do this in schools, or how come we don't do it enough? 

Yes it's an amazing feat to beat a world record, but how about all the amazing feats that happen with kids in schools each and every day?! 

I also talk with SO many Principals and teachers who have SO many amazing photos of their students doing amazing work in their classrooms on their smartphones, and nobody sees them......

Share them with your community! 
Share them with your Superintendent! 
Share them with the school board!
Share them with neighboring schools, you never know what connection you'll create because of it!
Please share all the #eduawesome more!

We have the once/twice a year 'awards' assemblies that are usually based around academic achievement, this is not enough. We need more celebration please and more students celebrating!

Let's celebrate everyday! 
Let's invite TV cameras to our schools for the big celebrations, not just when something goes wrong!
Let's be awesome for ALL of our students, they deserve it!

Must close with this video from @Principal_EL - Every child deserves someone to celebrate them as well, let's make it happen!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Where Do You Learn #KidsDeserveIt #savmp

Where do you learn? 

This thought has been on my brain a ton lately, @techninjatodd and I even wrote our first blog post about it here. As you can see from the post we're huge advocates of Twitter! But if you're not on Twitter, where do you learn?

- Where are you getting new ideas?
- How are you meeting educators other than those you directly work with?
- How are you connecting classrooms so they can collaborate?

Are you reading magazines? Newspapers? Are you waiting for summer to attend a conference?

If so, that's not enough.

This is an amazing time to be an educator. We have the opportunity to be connected and learn with so many other educators that simply wasn't possible even just ten years ago. Thinking back from my first few years as a teacher, I always just 'learned' from the three other teachers in my grade level. I remember only a few professional development speakers and they mainly focused on testing strategies. It simply wasn't possible to access the learning floodgates that we have now!

If you're not on Twitter you're doing your teachers/students/parents/school disservice, because where do you learn? We must be the best for our students, that means we must be continually learning for them!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Put The Bat In Their Hands - See What Happens! #KidsDeserveIt

"They can't write in Kindergarten."
"They're too young to code."
"Why would you have 5th graders learn how to Tweet?"
"You want your entire school to be 1:1, and have 1st graders blog?"

You can't see what kids can actually do unless you let them get after it! 

The video clip below from The Natural puts this into perspective perfectly! Roy Hobbs is a 40+ year old rookie in the major leagues and his coach refused to play him in games. Finally one day at batting practice he was allowed to hit, his coach put the bat in his hands - see what happens!

- We must believe
- We have to believe
- We must open all available doors for kids
- We have to get kids out of the 'dugout' and onto the 'field'

How much potential is never reached because adults said no? Or can't? Or shouldn't? Or won't? Or you're not old enough? Or just simply didn't listen?

As a Principal I refuse to say no, can't, shouldn't, won't, not old enough and I will ALWAYS listen to kids. I want the absolute best for my own two children, and the same for my other 550!

Put the bat in their hands and SEE what happens, #KidsDeserveIt 

Friday, July 10, 2015

How Do You Get Pumped - Raise the Stoke Factor?! #KidsDeserveIt #savmp

This video is a bit old, but so fun to watch. At first you may feel it's the type of message to watch before you go heli skiing or something, but I see something deeper.

Hunter Pence has an amazing way of rallying his team, getting pumped to win games, bringing everyone together in the locker room and on the field. He raises the stoke factor for sure!

How do you get pumped? How do you get those around you pumped? How do you raise the stoke factor for kids?

Our goal is different than winning baseball games, but we do strive for many wins throughout each school day with students. How do you make this happen? 

Everyone of course has a different style and approach. I'm not on par with Hunter Pence, but I love high energy and believe pumping students and staff up is super valuable! 

This brings me to an EdCamp session that I ran last year around School Culture. The group was pretty large and had some really notable people attending (I won't name drop) and the conversation was really flowing. Someone in the group (not a Principal) started pushing back on me about my approach, and how about the Principal who follows you? 

- It's not fair
- They may not have the same energy or approach
- Shouldn't you just be calm and focus on good instructional strategies
- Your style is too unique, most Principals don't have tons of energy
- WHAT?!

I was taken back for sure and continued to listen. There actually wasn't an opportunity to talk with that person again during the short EdCamp session or even after. But I've thought about the conversation a lot. 

Everyone has their own leadership style. My belief is that people want to be pumped up, which makes them excited to be their best for the team. You can only worry about your current team and with that, build other team members to be leaders, which I feel is the key! 

I had a brief but powerful Voxer conversation with a PLN member from New York yesterday. Her own child wasn't super excited about school as they had been in the past. Without knowing all the details, I wonder if they're pumped for school? What helps kids and teachers want to be at school?

How do you get pumped and raise the stoke factor for kids, so they want to be at school?

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

How Good Do You Want To Be?! #savmp #kidsdeserveit

This quote came across my Twitter stream a few months ago and I grabbed the image. I've gone back to it a few times but haven't had the mojo to blog anything significant until now.

First off, I searched Marissa Mayer to validate the quote. I have a feeling lots of quotes that come through Twitter may not be authentic????

My search brought me to a 2011 Huffington Post article that was intriguing, this is where I connected the mojo, validated the quote and decided to blog! 

The article was talking about 'Girl Geeks' and why there aren't more women in technology. There have been countless articles written on this topic and hopefully many of the newer programs/organizations out there are helping to address this.

What really grabbed me and connected the dots from the quote above, is what Marissa says below. 

 "I wanted to work at Google because the smartest people were there" 

Dot connection - Working in an environment where you feel supported - trusted - believed in and part of the team, will pay dividends beyond belief. 

Also surround yourself with people (like the quote) who want to be the best for kids - work the hardest - care the most and do whatever it takes! When the team is on the same page, has the same goals and working in conjunction together, you have a stronger outcome. 

I always ask candidates at interviews 'how they are going to make us better?' The status quo won't get you anywhere, that's what happened yesterday. We have to move forward with the best players on the field and in the dugout, make it happen for kids!

More Than Just Food #hungerfreesummer

My wife grew up with enough food and so did I. My kids have even more food and opportunities thanks our parents who encouraged us and pushed the power of education. Lately I've been having more conversations with my kids ( 4 and 2) about food and the fact that children who live close to us don't have enough.

My kids also are very aware of what I do for a living. They love coming to visit school and especially enjoy hanging out in my office. I've told them quite a few times about some students at my school who don't have enough food to eat. That I buy some kids lunch on occasion and there is a Principal lunch card in the cafeteria for any food emergencies with a student.

Last night at dinner we were having this conversation in more depth and I decided we needed to do more. I told my kids we were going to take $5 from each of their savings banks to buy food and donate to our local food bank. Also that I would donate $100 to the food bank to help as well, they were excited!

We went to Safeway this morning with our money and starting filling up the cart. They both had a great time shopping and my daughter wanted to buy some cereal to donate also. We had to ask which aisle it was on and inadvertently started a conversation with the store manager. My daughter started telling him what we were doing and he seemed really excited. 

We were picking out cereal and Jeremy (store manager) walked up and gave us a gift card for $50, he wanted to help out too! I couldn't believe it and had to take a selfie, thank you so much Jeremy!

Thanks to Kid President for promoting  #hungerfreesummer hashtag on Twitter, check them both out!

Please help and donate food or money to your local food bank so all kids can have a #hungerfreesummer - It's more than just about food!

Getting their money sorted out!

Full cart, my daughter told me we still had room!

Thank you Jeremy!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Be Brave - Take A Risk #KidsDeserveIt

While driving the other day a song came across the radio, and the lyrics rang so incredibly true to where we are right now.  It’s a song called “Brave” by Nichole Nordeman.

The gate is wide, the road is paved in moderation
The crowd is kind and quick to pull you in
Welcome to the middle ground
You're safe and sound and
Until now it's where I've been

I've never known a fire that didn't begin with a flame
And every storm will start with just a drop of rain

So long status quo, I think I just let go
You make me wanna be brave, I wanna be brave
The way it always was is no longer good enough
You make me wanna be brave

As educators we can quickly, and often without noticing, get swept away in the everyday things.  We get caught up in what’s directly in front of us, that often times we miss the big picture.

This week I had the pleasure of getting to really connect with a member of my PLN, Todd Nesloney. I had interacted with Todd through Twitter and Voxer, but never face to face, until this week at NAESP. For whatever reason Todd and I hit it off immediately.

After many conversations stemming around pushing ourselves and others outside of our comfort zones and really driving ourselves to do what’s best for kids, an idea was born.

That idea is, Kids Deserve It.  We are veering off into new and uncharted territory for each of us.  We launched our Twitter on Saturday, and will be officially launching our new blog on Tuesday (July 8th).

This in no way is replacing our current individual blogs.  But through countless conversations, we just felt like we had been given a mission to complete.  An adventure to travel on together.

We can’t wait to see where the Kids Deserve It adventure takes us, but we believe in being brave, stepping out on a limb, and trying something new that we’re really passionate about.  We hope that you’ll join us for the ride.  We’ll be blogging, tweeting, voxing, pushing boundaries, creating challenges, and so much more.

Along the way we’ll also be seeking out YOUR voice as well and asking for help, opinions, and thoughts from all of our PLN.

So we hope you join us on this new journey we’re taking.  For no other reason than the Kids Deserve It.

Follow us on Twitter at: @KidsDeserveIt
Our New Blog:
Like us on Facebook: Kids Deserve It
Use the Hashtag: #KidsDeserveIt

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Why Not Us Too? #savmp #naesp15

Who are these people? 

They've been recruited, by POTUS to build something new, innovative, stronger, more efficient and just like what they've done in Silicon Valley. Short of it is, The President is building a tech startup in Washington DC to help support the plethora of websites the government runs, and he wants to do it better! Veterans Affairs, and more, read the entire article here!

What they're doing in Washington for people is great, my interest lies in the mentality of the people, and how they're translating the startup mentality to government. How can we do the same for education?! Should we do the same for education?

This quote below from the article really has me thinking. 

Faster isn't always better, but education can seem slow and clunky at times. Lots of red tape, regulations, rules, etc......does anyone else feel this way? Take your time, give it a couple of years. If a startup or even established business waits that long, they'll probably go out of business! I've always been drawn to the startup mentality and I think we can make decisions that are good for kids faster and more efficient in education as well!

Get your people together, talk about something, if it's positive and makes sense you move forward, that's it. Adjust and tweak along the way of course, just like a startup, but I really think we could be making decisions faster for kids! 

I'm excited to see what iterates from the Future Ready work, there's more to this idea than just ed tech, but hopefully the mentality has strong influence!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Relationships Matter Most - Be Real #naesp15

This is co-written by Adam Welcome and Todd Nesloney and cross-posted on both of their blogs.

Relationships for Principals have always and will continue to be of utter importance, it's the catalyst of our work! This week at NAESP (#naesp15) has brought so many different ideas to the forefront, especially after our opening keynote from @ErikWahl

Erik spoke a ton about trust, making all kids feel special, bringing back our artistic mojo which leads to more creativity! Ideas like, think differently about what you do as a Principal, have teachers use crayons to write down ideas at a staff meeting, this will get them to smile.

Research shows that just the smell of Crayola crayons can lower stress levels! Make school fun, teachers and students will reach new heights when they’re relaxed and know you care!

Trust can only be built when strong relationships are at the forefront of what you do each and every day on campus. Relationships with all stakeholders; kids, staff, and parents will fuel your school culture so it burns bright for everyone.

Todd and I have talked a lot about relationships this week and what it means for a school. The video clip below from Jerry Maguire came up and is a great example of what a strong relationship can be, and what the complete opposite looks like as well.

How did Jerry and Rod build their strong relationship?
What actions happened previous to their embrace in the locker room?
How can you as a Principal build strong relationships with all stakeholders?
Or do you want to stand on the sidelines and fake it?

Kids can smell fake - Teachers can smell fake - Parents can smell fake - Be real!

Some of our favorite ways to build, foster, and grow relationships are:

  • We talk about kids, all the time.
  • Know every student’s name, this is first and foremost!
  • Only make decisions that are good for them!
  • Celebrate small moments
  • Talk to kids like they’re a person, they’ll respect you more if you do
  • Recognize genius
  • Give high-fives, fist bumps, hugs
  • Say yes
  • Create a school motto that lets everyone know what you’re all about - we like #teamkid
  • Call home for celebrations on a weekly basis
  • Believe that everyone can achieve greatness
  • Send notes to staff members families recognizing the hard work the staff member does
  • Eat lunch with kids/staff
  • Play at recess, kids/teachers/parents love to see the Principal engaged in different ways
  • Talk about what you believe in and stand for, people want to follow someone with a solid plan
  • Be present
  • Servant’s heart
  • Tweet for your school to showcase all the #eduawesome going on
  • Make sure every student sees you each and every day, build those connections

How do YOU build relationships?

Thank you Erik for reawakening our genius, pushing us to UNthink, rediscover and focus on what matters most!

Connect with Erik!
(and check out Erik's book "UNthink")

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Utilize Donors Choose - And Tweet About It #naesp15

 We were at dinner last night #naesp15 and I saw this Tweet come through from a teacher in my district. I retweeted of course and Nick sent me a text to my phone saying thanks.

The past three years we've had LOTS of success with Donors Choose, almost $80,000 in grants in only three years. How did we make this happen? Awesome teachers who write the grants and harnessing the power of social media to share the grants with the world. We've also been very fortunate with Fuel Your Schools and Chevron, huge thanks to them.

Back to the story.....I was at dinner with @TechNinjaTodd and sent him a DM asking to share out the grant, wanted to see how fast we could get $555 funded on Donors Choose. Todd Tweeted out the link, and.......three hours later it was fully funded!

The power of Donors Choose plus Social Media (Twitter) works, make it happen for your school today! It's not longer okay to say you're not connected or don't want to be engaged, your teachers and students deserve it!

Thank you to everyone who donated to @nmlfeedmysoul and the power of Twitter. 

This Is What I Stand For! #naesp15

I stand for a lot, but when it comes to being a Principal, this is some of what I stand for!

- All kids are awesome!
- All kids want to succeed, it's our job to help them find their way!
- High fives are fun!
- Leave any bad emotions in your car, kids deserve the best everyday!
- No kid should be hungry, buy lunch for those that need it!
- I don't take myself too serious, show kids you're a real person, they'll appreciate that!
- Do things in your school with high KDI factor, make them excited to learn!
- Connecting my school with other schools makes us both better - Twitter blows the doors off Open House, share the #eduawesome everyday!
- Student voice is the most powerful voice of all, put them out in front to lead the charge!
- You or your teachers will NEVER fully know or understand all the technology, don't try. Empower your teachers and then students to be creative innovative thinkers and cut them loose.
- Connecting parents to your school and classrooms is paramount. Bring the learning to them and get them engaged, they'll work harder for the community and you'll build amazing school culture!
- Twitter works, hands down. Get your entire staff Tweeting to share and collaborate, trust me!
- Empower teachers to be leaders and make decisions!

The posters below hang in my office, constant reminders are important!

What do you stand for?

Listen to some other great Principals talk about what they stand for via @voxer



What It's All About #naesp15

What's it all about? 

For me, it's all about our students and building relationships with other educators to become better for our students. There are many more layers than that of course, but relationships are at the core of our work. 

Being an Elementary Principal can be lonely, usually we're the only administrator on campus and talking with another admin sometimes can be super helpful. 

We're at NAESP in Long Beach right now and am hanging/learning/collaborating/Tweeting/rapping with other Principals that I've 'known' for months and even years. I know them because of the amazing online world that can change how you lead your school and feel connected to others. 

These people aren't just 'friends' that you can send your vacation photos too. They're people who care about kids, want to innovate for kids, support teachers in their work, build an environment on campus that pushes the envelope and looks at next practices so our schools are relevant, and mainly they're people who care about you and will offer support if you reach out. 

A goal of mine this week at NAESP is to get others connected. Not necessarily connected with me, but really showing them how to harness the power to deepen their relationships with other Principals who care about kids. 

Meeting my SAVMP mentor @PeterMDeWitt for the first time! Was paired up with Peter two years ago via @gcouros and connected through GHO, Voxer, Twitter and of course blogging. Single biggest person to impact my administrative career, thank you Peter!

 @GustafsonBrad Always working hard for kids and other admins, so honored to know you Brad! First connected through Voxer by some other admins, now doing work together with our students and swapping blog post via Twitter.

 @brandonkblom Connected on Voxer and Twitter through Amy and CUE Rockstar, meeting in person for first time, putting kids first!

My SFAM @mrsfadeji the one and only! An EdCamp brought us together many years ago, Voxer and Twitter plus other meet-ups keeps us connected and learning!

@mrsfadeji and @kathyamelton doing it right for Bean Bag tournament, these two ladies only just met in person earlier today.

Kids dig energy, @GustafsonBrad brings it! Twitter and Voxer brought us together!

The legendary @TechNinjaTodd finally meeting face to face! We got connected through Remind almost a year ago, and of course Twitter and Voxer.

Cool calm and collected @danpbutler so great to know you! First connected through Voxer, always Tweeting, a few GHOs and blogging away!

Hey @chaugen (photo bomb) Face to face connections a lot, daily on Voxer too, such a smart lady!

Met @Ben_educating day one in Long Beach, connected through Twitter and he's also on Voxer chats!

Yes, that's @ToddWhitaker quick chat today, plus some Voxer love, thanks Todd!

@GustafsonBrad interviewing @ToddWhitaker love the instant collaboration!

Lovely chatting with Missy from @PPrincipals making great things happen for Principals!

Kate @kateaugusta walks up to me and ask for help getting connected, you bet, sit down!

@kasnelson Connecting with others, told her about @DaisyDyerDuerr to connect some dots, following on Twitter and will continue learning together I'm sure!

The one and only @mmiller7571 so fun to chat and learn together!

Walking around and met Lynn, got him on Voxer as I walked by. Hooked him and his colleague up, turned on their contacts and they started Voxing other colleagues back home. Power of collaboration!

What are you doing to connect and learn from others to make your practice and school better for kids?!