Tuesday, February 18, 2014

If You're Not Connected, If I Wasn't..... #tcrwp

If you're not connected, I personally feel you're really missing out. After writing that down, I think about if I wasn't connected, and how much I would be missing out on. Not even all the learning I'd be missing out on but keeping up the connection with my school, even from across the country.

Thanks to Twitter and having my entire staff on, I can still see what's going on in their rooms, love it! I'm not their physically, but can stay connected to our classrooms. 

I got an email from a colleague this morning while in the hotel about a reminder this Thursday that needed to go out. I'm in NY until late Friday night, but it doesn't matter because we use Remind 101 at John Swett. Staying connected and connecting with my parent community from across the country is super important. Even though we have a Teacher in Charge at school, there are still some aspects of being a Principal that I can take care of.

I also subscribe to all my teachers Remind 101 accounts, keeps me connected and in the loop, received this one about ten minutes ago!

If you're not connected, take one step towards getting there.....it's worth it!

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