Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Read Aloud - Be Interactive - The Morning w/Alexis #tcrwp

Comparing yesterday and today- Fiction vs Non-fiction Read Aloud!

Doing a Read Aloud with kids is so powerful on so many levels. Read with kids, then show pictures as you read, have kids turn/talk with a focus question, have them stop/jot, push their thinking, have a focus question! 
***** (Tech Integration idea - Take pictures of book pages with document camera and scroll through as you read, lets kids 'predict' what next image will be. Super fast way to go back and reference images, and you can also post to class blog/website for future discussions or 'at home' work.)

Key focus questions for center teaching, maybe post for read aloud and follow-up work....
- One of our important jobs as researchers is to synthesize all the info we are learning.
- One way we can do this is by rereading our notes and thinking about our unanswered questions.
- We can carry those questions across centers and texts and conversations in pursuit of answers.

In any read aloud there is tons of work you can do, think about WHAT your students need work in though, focus on that! Give students a focus question in centers, we want them to focus, and to then go broad/deep with the literature. 

Looking at Common Core Standards for Reading Information Text, so many are addressed in a Read Aloud - 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 9 WOW!

Some follow-up ideas after your read aloud.....

- What words/phrases emerge from the text during read aloud, create word bank for unit! 
- Have students compare notes for follow up conversation.
- Compare fiction and non-fiction books that address the same topic.
- Weave in historical fiction along with fiction and non-fiction text, creates a different scope. 
- Take tier two words and create synonyms + antonyms with students, higher level thinking, makes me think of DOK (Depth of Knowledge) level questions.
- Write down the 'effects' from the text, what connection can be made, from both fiction and non-fiction. Make a lists as a class, record together. 
- So many ideas for follow-up research and presentations, really tied to Common Core Standards 

What else to contribute for a read aloud? I'll update this post with crowd sources ideas, let me know!

Fiction read aloud text.....

Non-fiction text to accompany fictional text......

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