Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Kylene Beers - Tuesday Morning Keynote #tcrwp

So excited to hear from someone who is connected like Kylene, check out her profile above, 13K+ followers, wow!

This mornings Keynote is..... 'What Matters Now - Conversations We Must Have!' 

Thoughts from Kylene this morning.....

Great guiding question - Universities gave feedback, we don't want kids who only look for the right answer, multiple choice is not the answer.

- Skill that businesses value most - 
1. Be able to identify a problem
2. Communicate with others
3. Think creatively
4. Have strong ethical work habits

- Best practices, what are these?
Schools focus on 'best' practices, businesses focus on 'next' practices.
- Is our national education climate preparing kids for the business culture?
- Computer was the first 'disruptive' device brought into education, used as substitution instead of transformation, too many Power Points!

- Communication is the key to improving comprehension! 
1. Kids must re-read test, but most struggling readers don't want to. 
2. Let kids talk about the text. 

- I want kids to be passionate about reading, but most important passionate about learning!
- Tests show us something, but NOT everything.
- Our true challenge as teachers is to inspire and support and nurture life-long readers who are PASSIONATE about learning!
- 'After all is said and done, more is said than done'
- Evidence of learning is NOT multiple choice.
- We must have balanced approach with education #tech #literacy #language #collaboration #communication Can't be just one way, many modalities 
- No more damn packets #enough
- Ss should read in, behind and beyond the text - what did the author have in mind when they wrote
- Think aloud should be text specific, no generalization language, find support from text!
- Do everything you can to get student conversations going.
- Lets show kids WHAT to look for in a text, what surprises us, what's transferable to other text across the curriculum?
We must think about communication between Ss in schools, also amongst ourselves!
- Authors use numbers in writing to 'paint' a picture for the reader!

All for now, more posts later today! 


  1. Adam,
    Your skill of capturing a keynote speech, recording notes, tweeting, and writing a blog are remarkable! Thanks so much for sharing your learning with the #tcrwp world!