Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Workshop Wednesday's - Bringing It All Back #tcrwp

I've never been a huge fan of long Professional Development sessions, one to two hour blocks of time can really drag on at times. That's not to say that every PD session I've ever done has been this way, but I also think about 'time' with teachers which is always so precious.

Wired Wednesday's is something we started years ago when I was an Assistant Principal and trying to push the envelope with Technology Integration. The structure of WW is a quick fifteen minute PD session with something you could bring back and use in your classroom tomorrow. The feedback from these weekly/monthly sessions was outstanding and we saw such a huge shift with integration in classrooms with kids and teachers. After our first couple WW people left still surprised and excited that we were done in just fifteen minutes. That's powerful within itself!

Looking ahead to being back on campus this Friday and trying to transfer all my learning with staff, the WW model is something I think will work. 'Workshop Wednesday' will have the same type of model, fifteen minute 'mini-lesson' sessions, teaching points, antidotes for learning, next steps.

Much the same with our Wired Wednesday models, I started as the presenter and then teachers would take over and present. Maybe/hopefully we can schedule some Google Hangouts with teachers in the area and those I've met this week at TCRWP? Any takers, let me know!

Moving forward, pushing the work, continuous learning, keep it up, carry the torch!


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