Monday, February 17, 2014

First Morning Thoughts - February Institute #tcrwp

First day of the TCRWP February Institute in New York and already seeing people I know from California, meeting new people and those that I ‘know’ through Twitter. I walked into the opening keynote this morning and @teachkate is welcoming participants along with @amandalah! Having been in elementary education my entire career (teacher, Assistant Principal and now Principal) I’ve always/usually been the only male in the room, so it’s really great to see @rscalateach in the crowd and hopefully we’ll connect in person this week as well.

Some initial thoughts this morning……

- it’s so inspiring to be surrounded by fellow educators who want to learn and extend their thinking.
- people coming together from all over the country, to become better teachers/leaders, all for the best interest of kids!
- some are TCRWP veterans and others their first time here.
- it’s cold and snowy outside but people are smiling, laughing and excited to be here.

Just a short post this morning with opening thoughts…..I’m hoping to convince @amandalah to do a co-blog post this week, I know @wordcrazy is already on board for this!

#standby #keeplearning 

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