Saturday, February 15, 2014

An Amazing Addition #savmp #juno

It can sometimes be challenging to 'look' ahead and have a 'vision' of next steps for a classroom or school. 

- How can we take our teaching/learning to the next level?
- What's it going to take for that to happen?
- Who/what needs to be involved?

Sometimes this happens inadvertently......

- You meet other educators who have great energy/ideas and it all starts to flow!


- You get hooked up with two Danish guys, one is an app developer with the #1 app in Denmark (that's a separate blog post and YES we're piloting the app at JSE) and the other is President of FrontRow and they come to your school and give you a demo!

Jens setting up the Juno!

Jens contacted me about coming to JSE for a demo of their Juno system, I fished around with a couple teachers about 'piloting' in their rooms and @JenniferDeWeerd jumped right in! This system has been such an amazing addition to our school and Jenn's classroom so far, in so many ways!

- Voice enhancement in class
- Screen/voice capture with lessons on the SMART board and wireless document camera!

This is where the REAL power of the Juno comes into play. Jennifer can record/capture EVERYTHING she teaches the students from the SMART board and/or document camera whenever she wants. 

- Math lesson 
- Student presentations
- The list is looooong

The most amazing part is, we have it all set up so ALL the screen/voice recordings get automatically synced with Google Drive so Jenn's entire class has access to them whenever they want, and I do as well. If a student is at home and can't remember the steps for long division, they go to their Google Drive. Student does a 'how-to' in class for a presentation, automatically in Google Drive.


Contact Jens to demo a system in your classroom, you WON'T be disappointed, you'll be INSPIRED!

Jenn sporting some educational jewelry with the teacher microphone, it works on voice commands as well!

21st Century Teacher set-up, MacBook Air, wireless document camera and Juno system, ready to record!

All Juno recordings are automatically shared with my Google Drive as well, I can see what's going on in class from my iPhone! #wiredprincipal

Jenn's had the Juno in class for only ten days and the Google Drive folder is already filling up, keep them coming, love to learn!

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