Sunday, February 9, 2014

GHO (Google Hangout) - Why It's Changing the Game and Should For You Too #savmp #teamkid #teamnorthbay

If you haven't heard of Google Hangout or if you haven't participated in one, it's changing the game and should be for you too! So much of our Professional Development is delivered in such an archaic way......

- Take a full day off from work (or half day) 
- drive somewhere
- sign-in
- sit at long tables
- hopefully there's wi-fi (on some occasions there isn't, or it's suuuuuper slow) 
- spend a portion of the morning watching a Power Point and reading the slides on paper that they passed out

So much of PD is just lecture, isn't that what we're trying to change in education? Aren't we trying to promote collaboration, creativity and communication?'s where GHO comes in. (First need to give a shout-out to @coach_sv who is the ultimate GHO promoter and I'll often get a Tweet like this.....

"Adam, GHO in 15 min w/some educators from ____ to talk about _____, you in?" #yesplease

GHO is......
- free
- anytime/anywhere
- you can plan for it, or do them at a moments notice
- mobile/portable
- fun
- can last 15 minutes or 60
- easy to figure out, no software downloads or 'permissions' needed
- can be one on one, or staff to staff! About sixteen of my teachers (@jseroadrunners) had a GHO with another school about an hour away. (@pennpanthers) Thirty minutes of talking about Twitter, podcasting and other #eduawesome classroom tricks, would never have happened without GHO!

GHO is not....
- a lecture
- sit and get
- costly

- Download the Hangouts app for iPhone, it's a must!
- You can record a GHO, just like #teamnorthbay, check it!

@mrsfadeji getting warmed up in GHO with me!

@kfostertweet throwing down some knowledge with #teamnorthbay

@ecsaibel always inspiring and has something #eduawesome to add

@PeterMDeWitt - Yes, that's Peter DeWitt and I've had a GHO with him, thanks to #savmp for the hook-up!

#teamkid @jseroadrunners #enoughsaid 

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