Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Leaders - You/We Must Be Visible #tcrwp #savmp

Sitting here learning in our Small Group section at Teachers College, I'm sitting next to @lucysalazar who's an Elementary Principal from Southern California. It's great sitting next to another Administrator so we can talk about Workshop from a 'school' perspective. How can/will we translate what we've learned this week back to our school sites in California.

This brings me back to a Tweet from @gcouros back in January that has me reflecting again. Principals MUST be in classrooms, we MUST know where our teachers are - in order to show them where they need to go. It's exciting to meet other Principals and even some Directors and even some Assistant Superintendent's as well.  

How can we as leaders expect our teachers to move and make change if we haven't immersed ourselves already in the work.

- We need to be in classrooms.
- We need to be observing lessons and offering coaching advice based on the instruction.
- We have to understand the work, in order to support/push the work.
- We should provide mini-workshops for our staff, thinking about changing up our Wired Wednesday's to Workshop Wednesday's to support the work.
- Workshop is so deep/complex/exciting/invigorating and steeped in Common Core!

Bold statement - Every Principal/Leader needs to be here in NY @tcrwp

Off to lunch!

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