Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Blogging - So Much More Than Just Blogging #tcrwp #savmp

I’m telling you, blogging is so much more than just blogging. It’s like Twitter, it’s so much more than just Tweeting, for real. 

- It’s reflection
- It’s therapy
- It’s sharing
- It’s calming
- It’s fun
- It’s a paycheck
- It’s a conversation
- It’s a connection
- It’s a model for teachers, students and parents
- It’s SO SO SO Common Core!

My first blog many years ago came about because I sold my car and was going to live without a car for one year. Blogging about ‘car free’ adventures helped me to reflect on my transportation decision, but also to analyze other areas that I was now in contact with. Cyclingteacherguy.com lasted even after I bought a car and gave up the ‘car free’ life, there was still writing to be done. Advocating for safer streets, additional routes for public transportation and pushing others to bicycle when able….the blogging energy lived on.

I’m definitely a pusher, in the best sense of the word I assure you. I encourage people to explore and push themselves out of their comfort zone, that’s how you improve and get better, right? It’s important to not simply push, but provide resources and ‘help’ when needed. A track coach wants you to run a faster mile, so they develop a new training regime to build speed and endurance. They’re not just going to tell you to run faster and expect results…….

Many people I talk with say they have nothing to write about and that nobody wants to read their writing. So not true on so many levels……if you create a digital writing space I guarantee you’ll find topics to blog about. And I guarantee people will want to read what you write, guaranteed! If you’re connected on Twitter (even if you aren’t) that’s an amazing way to share your writing and connect with other educators, Twitter will share for you, trust me.

To close, being in New York this week at Teachers College, surrounded by educators from throughout the world (someone from Russia in my small group!) has definitely increased my blogging mojo. Having a muse (TCRWP this week) is so powerful and I reflect on my analogy of the moss, on the rock, in the stream. Being surrounded (the stream) by so many smart/motivating people, I’m simply absorbing (nutrients for the moss) so much from those around me. The blogging mojo is in full effect and helps me be a better Principal.

More to come, stand by!


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