Sunday, July 5, 2015

Why Not Us Too? #savmp #naesp15

Who are these people? 

They've been recruited, by POTUS to build something new, innovative, stronger, more efficient and just like what they've done in Silicon Valley. Short of it is, The President is building a tech startup in Washington DC to help support the plethora of websites the government runs, and he wants to do it better! Veterans Affairs, and more, read the entire article here!

What they're doing in Washington for people is great, my interest lies in the mentality of the people, and how they're translating the startup mentality to government. How can we do the same for education?! Should we do the same for education?

This quote below from the article really has me thinking. 

Faster isn't always better, but education can seem slow and clunky at times. Lots of red tape, regulations, rules, etc......does anyone else feel this way? Take your time, give it a couple of years. If a startup or even established business waits that long, they'll probably go out of business! I've always been drawn to the startup mentality and I think we can make decisions that are good for kids faster and more efficient in education as well!

Get your people together, talk about something, if it's positive and makes sense you move forward, that's it. Adjust and tweak along the way of course, just like a startup, but I really think we could be making decisions faster for kids! 

I'm excited to see what iterates from the Future Ready work, there's more to this idea than just ed tech, but hopefully the mentality has strong influence!


  1. Thoughtful post, Adam. I think we definitely need a "start up" mindset to take risks, try out new practices and challenge our assumptions. This kind of approach also keeps us nimble enough to make adjustments as needed and learn as we move forward.

  2. Being nimble is so important Jennie, much easier to make little tweaks along the way. Thanks for the input!