Sunday, July 19, 2015

More Celebration Please - More Students Celebrating! #KidsDeserveIt

This image came through our @kidsdeserveit Twitter feed yesterday from @mrdearybury1 and I grabbed it right away!

Then this morning I hopped on #sunchat for a bit which was based around taking risks in schools. I shared some ideas about students Tweeting from your school account, student voice and this video of Tony Hawk which I love!

Then I was watching a clip of Genzebe Dibaba breaking the Women's 1500m world record yesterday, which was absolutely amazing. 

My uncle was a runner, had his own shoe with Nike and even competed in the 1988 Olympics. The video above brought me back to his days and all the cameras hoarding the runners after a race. They all want a photo, statement and of course more photos.

How come we don't do this in schools, or how come we don't do it enough? 

Yes it's an amazing feat to beat a world record, but how about all the amazing feats that happen with kids in schools each and every day?! 

I also talk with SO many Principals and teachers who have SO many amazing photos of their students doing amazing work in their classrooms on their smartphones, and nobody sees them......

Share them with your community! 
Share them with your Superintendent! 
Share them with the school board!
Share them with neighboring schools, you never know what connection you'll create because of it!
Please share all the #eduawesome more!

We have the once/twice a year 'awards' assemblies that are usually based around academic achievement, this is not enough. We need more celebration please and more students celebrating!

Let's celebrate everyday! 
Let's invite TV cameras to our schools for the big celebrations, not just when something goes wrong!
Let's be awesome for ALL of our students, they deserve it!

Must close with this video from @Principal_EL - Every child deserves someone to celebrate them as well, let's make it happen!

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