Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Being a Principal - Being a Kid #KidsDeserveIt

This morning I ran ten miles with my kids in our double jogger. Both our joggers have thousands of miles each and both our kids have been running with my wife and I since they were born. The first couple miles I didn't feel great, then as usual my body warmed up and I caught my groove, then on the turn around my phone was going off and we had to make some stops!

Of course being a Principal I think about school even when I'm not at school.

How I felt running this morning brought me to how I feel sometimes as Principal, and how I'm sure our kids feel at times too!

- Feeling really awesome, like you were Born to Run!

- Sometimes crawling to the finish of a day or even a year!

- And on occasion being pulled in many different directions!

Forget about me.....if I'm feeling this way, how are our kids feeling?

- Grades
- Tests
- After school sports/activities
- Divorced parents
- Friends
- Bullying
- Hunger
- Money
- What else??????

Being a Principal is hard work, it's rewarding and fun but it's challenging.

Being a kid is hard work too, it's rewarding and fun but it's challenging.

We must put kids first!

- Think about their emotions
- Their story that we don't know
- Are they hungry
- How many different directions they're being pulled in

Give them kudos when they're cruising like Bruce in the video above!

Lend a hand and some empathy when they're crawling like the runner in the video above!

Give them some slack when they're being pulled in fifty different directions like in the video above! 

If you're an educator, thanks for all you do, our kids need us!

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