Saturday, July 11, 2015

Put The Bat In Their Hands - See What Happens! #KidsDeserveIt

"They can't write in Kindergarten."
"They're too young to code."
"Why would you have 5th graders learn how to Tweet?"
"You want your entire school to be 1:1, and have 1st graders blog?"

You can't see what kids can actually do unless you let them get after it! 

The video clip below from The Natural puts this into perspective perfectly! Roy Hobbs is a 40+ year old rookie in the major leagues and his coach refused to play him in games. Finally one day at batting practice he was allowed to hit, his coach put the bat in his hands - see what happens!

- We must believe
- We have to believe
- We must open all available doors for kids
- We have to get kids out of the 'dugout' and onto the 'field'

How much potential is never reached because adults said no? Or can't? Or shouldn't? Or won't? Or you're not old enough? Or just simply didn't listen?

As a Principal I refuse to say no, can't, shouldn't, won't, not old enough and I will ALWAYS listen to kids. I want the absolute best for my own two children, and the same for my other 550!

Put the bat in their hands and SEE what happens, #KidsDeserveIt 

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  1. Well said man. Sometime we hold kids back because we are more afraid of failure than they are and it will reflect on what kind of teacher/parent we are. Let them try, fail, succeed, and learn. In the process, we will learn as well. #lifelonglearner