Monday, July 18, 2011

ISTE - Books I Want to Read

ISTE always has great resources, especially in their book section. There are some new Books I Want to Read coming out in the next few months.

All the titles below can be purchased through their online bookstore.

Cell Phones in the Classroom looks like a great read and will hopefully change our current educational landscape. Cell phones are more powerful than ever, and also more prevalent than ever.....yet they're banned in many schools/districts and students are discouraged from having them at school. I'm looking forward to this release and any subsequent ideas or changes that can be implemented.

Even President Obama is touting the benefit and need for more STEM curriculum/instruction (Science + Technology + Engineering + Math) in our schools. The ability to connect those students to an actual career may be one of the biggest hurdles we face in education. Connecting Students to STEM Careers is due out in October and I'll be interested what Camille Cole has to offer.

Below is an official White House video release from September 2010 titled, 'Changing the Equation in STEM Education.' You can read the press release here for additional information.

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