Monday, July 18, 2011

Acer Chromebook (Wi-Fi) - Something I Want to Try

The Acer Chromebook (Wi-Fi) is Something I Want to Try after reading the news release a few weeks ago. For only $349 you can have a fully functioning laptop with Wi-Fi capability. There are a few other models being put out by Samsung but the Acer has the best price point and is also the smallest model.

Some features:
- 11.6" HD Screen
- 2GB Memory
- HD Webcam
- Built in speakers
- 6 hour battery life
- Chrome web browser

The Chromebooks are designed to be 100% cloud based, so if your professional life can handle that migration, the Acer Chromebook is a great deal. We're in the process of migrating my entire district to cloud based computing and the Acer Chromebook at $349 is a GREAT price point for a 1:1 environment in the upper grades. I'm close to ordering my own Chromebook as a test case for my school and will blog any updates that come my way.

A few photos....
The Ace Hotel in New York is even offering them on loan while you stay in the hotel....see the news article here.

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