Monday, August 15, 2016

Now What

My wife and I were on our first date and I can remember the moment well. We were walking up the stairs at SF Moma having a great conversation and she turns to me - "You're pretty passionate and intense aren't you?"

"Yes I am!"

We laugh about that now and at the time it wasn't a serious moment at all, and the truth is my wife is very much the same way. My wife has also diagnosed me with 'too much energy' and has fully embraced my internal pace that is constantly running and thinking and creating and pushing and moving and designing and writing and blogging and taking our two children on adventures!

I tell that story because I've always had the 'now what' mentality. You have an experience, you accomplish something and then that's it. There is always more, there has to be more.

Ten years ago I ran my first marathon. The longest training run I had was only nine miles, but I finished the race in under four hours. I crossed the line and my first thought was - "What would it be like to turn around and run back 26.2 miles?"

I was exhausted and honestly could barely walk, but that was the thought in my head.

About six months later I ran my first fifty, I had to see what it would be like!

Passion is my advantage. Hard work gets me there. There is always someone with more passion and hard work than me, I have to catch them. I constantly say to myself, now what?

Please don't ever settle, don't ever say 'good enough' for them, I'm too tired, the line is too long, they don't even speak english. 

Push harder than yesterday, commit to more than you did last week, put their future front and center. Accomplish a goal for kids and then find something else to go after!

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