Tuesday, August 2, 2016

If You Think They Won't

If you think they won't, there is no way that they will.

If you think they might, then there's a chance. 

If you think they can, then go make it happen.

I believe they all can. I believe that it's inside all of them to do whatever they dream is possible. They may not be able to do something very well, but they need to at least try. We need to give them a start. We need to believe - think - encourage - push - train - prod - help - guide and think that all kids have amazing inside of them and can achieve.

There's the crutch I believe for most people, that first step. They're frozen - can't move - can't speak - can't think - they can't even get out of the dugout and onto the field. Please don't try and blame someone else, point a finger, make an excuse, call in sick, shift the blame, act like you don't know - or just simply not care. 

We don't have a choice, if you work in education it's our job. It's more than a job, it's a part of us. In my opinion, it's a civil right to have every adult at school believe in every single student. Adults shouldn't have the ability to give up, to say no, to say can't/wouldn't/shouldn't. 

For some of our students we're the only positive interaction in their life - so we better make it positive and encouraging.

Maybe you've had your fair share of disappointments, maybe you've been told no, maybe you've failed, maybe nobody has ever believed in you. You know what - if you still think you won't, there is never anyway you're going to make it happen.

Say it for kids - stand up for kids - be brave for kids - believe in kids. Remember, our kids have unlimited potential, it's usually the adults who put a cap on how high they can fly. How far they can go. How much fun they can have. How creative they can be. 

Let's think that ALL kids can - and they will. This is your chance to leave a trace. A trace of inspiration that all your students can follow back to you. Life will be hard for them, but they'll know where to go. They'll remember how you were. They'll remember your love. They'll remember you believed. Your inspiration. Your encouragement. That you knew they all could!

How many Kelvin's are out there right now, just waiting for someone to believe in them? Please go believe!

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