Wednesday, March 23, 2016

They're Only Sprinklers

It happened last week - with daylight savings it's light much later in the early evening and we've been able to go for a walk after work and my kids especially love to ride their bikes! 

We decided to skip our usual loop around the high school and headed to our pool where we're members which is right down the street. 

We crossed the bridge over the creek and my kids erupted with excitement - there was water running down the hill. Sprinklers were on for a few plants and there was a very mini-river coming down the path. 

That was it, my kids went from a normal bike ride to utter excitement. My dad hat went on - I starting to think about dinner when we got home and I didn't want them getting wet and dirty. Before I could say anything they spoke up!

Kids - "Ooooooh, check out the river dad"

Me - "Stay out of the water"

Kids - "Awwwwww"

Me - "Ride around the parking lot but stay out of the water"

Kids - Riding around, looking somewhat glum, eyeballing the water like crazy.

Me - (After just a few minutes) "Ok, you can ride through the water!"

Kids - "Are you serious - yipeeeeee!"

Then, in the matter of an instant their entire mood changed. They were laughing, chatting, singing, smiling, much more happy and effusive.

Yes, they got soaked and a little bit muddy - but that's it. We took off their wet clothes in the garage and put on some sweats for dinner, no big deal.

My wife rolled in from work and the very first thing my kids told her was about the river at our pool. How cool it was! They were running through it and singing. They got super wet and a little bit cold. At first dad said not but then he said yes.

It. Was. So. Much. Fun.

I blog about the sprinklers because it's made me analyze other moments as a dad. When I said no just to say no, because there was mud or dirt or water or something else involved that I would have had to deal with. 

That mud or dirt or water is such a small issue compared to the laughter and singing that takes place with all the joy that happens from my kids. Will I know let my kids do everything they want, of course not. I will relax though and not worry so much about messy children, play is messy and play is fun - let's go through the sprinklers!


  1. Nice post! As a dad I can relate. Your post reminds me of this commercial I saw at #cue16

  2. Such a great reminder to let our kids be kids and to pause before we say no-thanks Adam!!