Sunday, March 13, 2016

Education Is Like Coffee - The Options Have Changed

I'm a coffee drinker, it started in college and it's been my morning ritual for many years! 

The other day for some reason I was thinking about coffee and my grandparents generation, what did they drink? Folgers - Maxwell House - Yuban! 

It turns out that I always collect the coffee drinks from my staff at the beginning of each year so I can surprise them on occasion with something from Starbucks or Peet's. 

Something totally hit me as I compared my favorite drink list to how my grandparents drank coffee 50+ years ago. There are WAY more options and people drink it all different types of ways.

Grandparents generation - 
How I see it, our grandparents pretty much had four options for their coffee consumption.

- Black
- With milk
- With sugar
- With milk and sugar

That was it for the most part. Then in thinking about our schools (as I always do) they were pretty much the same way as well. Kids sat in rows, all worked on the same curriculum at the same time and was very teacher directed - not a lot of differentiation. 

Our generation - 

That page above on the Peet's Coffee website is a perfect example of our coffee options in 2016. If you click the link, there are pages and pages of coffee drinks, so many to choose from! The coffee options are so vast that out of thirty-five teachers, I only have two that drink coffee. As in black coffee and not a drink with vanilla, or Splenda, or half of this and half of that.

Our options have changed and we have so many more options. We must be differentiating for our students and teachers. Let them drink their 'coffee' a different way, if given the choice there's a big chance they won't drink their coffee black.

Not all kids and teachers want it the same, drink it the same and have the same tastebuds. 

Enjoy that coffee however you may drink it!

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