Saturday, April 11, 2015

Power of Reading With Kids #tcrwp #teamkid #savmp #naesp15

Reading is important, really important, especially with kids. Last year I started reading to classes - more specifically, I would read the same book to each class on a monthly basis. After I've read my monthly book to each class I always donate it to our school library. 

After two years kids now constantly ask me on a daily basis when I'm going to come in and read. Kids are always recommending books to me, parents as well which is super fun. Admittedly, I have pretty high standards for my book choices and tend to try and find stories that align with our Student of the Month themes. This allows for amazing conversation after I read, and also great follow-up lessons for teachers to expand on. 

I also always send a Remind text message to our entire parent community at the end of each month. There isn't much that a Principal can specifically have in common with their ENTIRE school, another great reason to read to your classes. Here's my March message that went out to our community about Gaston!

I recently blogged about reading Gaston here.... and a parent texted me the photo below over Spring Break last week. Her son enjoyed me reading Gaston so much that they bought it for him (3rd grade) and he was reading to his family! If you look at the CCSS (linked here) there are SO many ways that reading with kids puts them into focus, read read read!

Nick reading Gaston!

I just ordered the four books below, already looking ahead to next year since I already have April, May and June chosen for this year!

Reading The Dot by Peter Reynolds on Dot Day!

My Principal of the Day and I reading to a Kindergarten class!

Reading with Kindergarten students!

Students writing book reviews in 4th grade, on Google Docs to share collaboratively with their teacher and classmates.

Flashlight Friday comes from the amazing @mwatkins0913 - turn off the lights, give kids a flashlight and they'll read with such intensity!

Ready to read in the dark!

Read on kids, teachers, parents and of course Principals! You know it works when kids write about it and their teacher Tweets it out!

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