Sunday, February 1, 2015

Writing Time #savmp #teamkid

This post has been brewing for some time now and I had to write about 'writing' at John Swett Elementary. Forget that Common Core calls for writing across all curricular areas, it's so much deeper than that!

Writing is......

- Powerful - see first example below!
- Thought provoking
- Relaxing - amazing way to reflect, don't need to sit in a desk either
- Collaborative - with partners, in Google Docs
- During math time in journals - explain your thinking
- Our students have KidBlogs and is a great way to incorporate writing in ALL areas, plus blogging is a career in 2015! Seriously, you can make a lot of money writing a blog! 
- Fun fun fun
- A HUGE part of Common Core

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This letter from one of our 1st graders during Writers Workshop really kicked this post off!

"I really like skinny jeans. If they are not skinny I will have a fit. Today all of my skinny jeans were dirty. I did not like the pants I wore today. Skinny jeans are the best!"

2nd grader last week during Writers Workshop!

 Don't let anyone tell you that Kindergarten students can't write, especially in a super comfy chair!

 More Kindergarten students pushing each other to write! 
"I'm going to add speech bubbles!"
Go for it!

This Kindergarten student told me ALL about a trip to San Mateo he had. He tells me, "I have a lot to write about Mr. Welcome!"
Write on kiddo!

 This student - "Mr. Welcome come check out my writing folder, it's bursting with stories!"

 Kinder student - "Are you going to take a picture of my writing and Tweet Mr. Welcome? I hope so, my mom checks the John Swett Twitter during the day, she loves it!"

 Check-in with students about their sentences on the rug, then off to table groups on Hokki stools for more writing collaboration! 

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  1. It's great to see the student voices shine in their writing! They are very passionate about their topics. How great that they see themselves as authors!