Monday, February 9, 2015

What Is Connected Learning #YourEdustory #savmp

What Is Connected Learning?

I was reminded again this weekend what Connected Learning is. EBCUE Cool Tools was on Saturday and three of my teachers came with me for the day. I'm constantly reminded how #eduawesome my staff is, especially at a tech conference.

It's second nature to them now, they're always learning, there isn't a particular time of the day. At EBCUE they/we were.....

- Tweeting
- Google Docs for notes
- Connecting with other educators
- Texting me for all the new toys they want
- Tweeting again and again and again
- Tweeting/texting their grade level teammates with all their new ideas.

The best thing is, this all doesn't/didn't stop at the conference, it's how we operate at John Swett. This morning we had a visit from a few Directors and our Superintendent. Our Superintendent must have said six times....

"Oh, I follow her on Twitter, she is amazing!"
"I saw that on Twitter last week from your school, awesome!"

If you're connected in the way like the three ladies below, then you're a Connected Learner!

 #selfie with my EBCUE crew! + @mrsfadeji

My sister @mrsfadeji 


  1. Very cool! I want to visit your school. It sounds like you have so many great systems in place in addition to a culture that fosters learning for all.

  2. Adam, The on-going conversation educators have in the palm of their hands is so valuable. Good story!