Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Who Do You Learn From #savmp

Dr. Spike Cook asked me this question Saturday morning during a @PrincipalPLN Podcast which has continued to roll around in my brain.

"Who do you learn from?"

During our GHO I named a few off the top of my head and as it's been 'rolling' around I've really tried to hone down who I really have takeaways from that impact my work. My short list is below.....

Educators -
- Benjamin Gilpin writes very thoughtful and thought provoking blog posts that have changed my practice as a Principal, he's also a runner which we have in common.

- Brad Gustafson is a pretty recent addition to my Twitter/Voxer PLN but I've already learned a ton from this guy. His energy parallels mine which is hard to find and something I really appreciate!

- Jennifer Kloczko contacted me last year after she read an article about my school on the KQED Mind/Shift blog and we've been connected ever since. One of the few Principals I've met face to face, and a great Twitter/Voxer/Blogger friend, follow her!

- Peter DeWitt was my SAVMP mentor last year, a prolific blogger and relentless advocate for kids!

Business/Other -
- Harvard Business Review is an amazing resource with thought provoking articles that I find extremely relevant to leadership and education!

- Patrick Lencioni has written some wonderful books about leadership within organizations that are extremely funny and will give you powerful ideas/tools to make positive change.

 - Fast Company has long been a 'go to' for me when reading non-educational leadership writing. Great business perspective, leadership ideas and out of the box thinking!

- Biz Stone is a new addition to my 'learn from' list and his book (Things A Little Bird Told Me) has boosted my creative scope and a must read for pretty much anyone, HIGHLY recommended!

- I've developed a REALLY great relationship with the Remind team and talk with at least one of their employees about once a week. If you're not using Remind you of course should be, and thanks for all your inspiration and creativity, you push my thinking! (Natalie, Clara, Meenal, Christine, Rachel)

- I've always gravitated towards military leadership books and I'm currently in a Voxer group that is discussing 'Leadership Lessons of the Navy Seals.' Great takeaways about planning, organization, creating leaders and supporting your team. If you don't have time for a book right now, here's a great article to get you started.

Thank you to my entire PLN, it would be much different without you!

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