Thursday, October 16, 2014

What We Love About Voxer #savmp

The other day on one of my Voxer chats we started talking about 'What We Love About Voxer' and I thought this would be a fun post. This is only a snippet of what we all really love about Voxer, and a few 'ideas' for new tools as well. 

Thanks to everyone for their contribution!

Jason Markey - Principal 


- Voxer is deepening and personalizing connections that were more surface level via other social media outlets. Asynchronous conversation allows for both reflection and convenience.

Anna Schaefer-Salinas - Assistant Principal

- Being able to hear voices and get the inflections and tone adds depth to the already amazing conversations. The asynchronous aspect allows for more "PD when you want/need it". Which is, for me, at the heart of why I use social media as my PD "go-to".

Emily Dunnagan - Principal

- What I love about Voxer is I can learn from all of you while I sit in the vet's office waiting. It is always there for me when I have a moment.

Eric Saibel - Assistant Principal

- Voxer is a communal podcast that I get to contribute to. It's company on the pre-dawn dog walks and it lightens my mood after a challenging day at work. It's the cheapest PD imaginable, and really accelerates the speed at which we share and adopt new ideas and approaches.

Tom Whitford - Principal


- Voxer allows me to catch up on conversations over a weekend, can do on my own time. Love making the group large and that it's professional, appreciate the learning!

Jennifer Kloczko - Principal


- Love the chirp notification, I'll be in the cafeteria or busy on the yard and the chirp alerts me, especially when teachers need me. Inspiration explosion for me, use to attend conferences couple times a year, I learn EVERYDAY now from Voxer. Has changed my commute, my ride goes so quickly and I'm learning at the same time.

Adam Welcome - Prinicipal


- The learning/connecting with school administrators from around the country for me has been amazing of course! However, what I've enjoyed most is adding my local friends to different Voxer chats and hearing their learning/connecting take off. 

What We Want - 

- Favorite button so we can archive our favorite Vox's. Would make it easier than trying to scroll through the hundreds of messages each day!

- Suggested chats that someone may want to be invited to join.

- Opportunity to record our bio's for each chat so new/current members know who's who in the group.

- We have more ideas as well, stand by!

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