Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Our Entire Staff Uses Remind, and It's Awesome! #remindlove #savmp

Our journey with Remind started last year as I looked for a streamlined communication tool to implement @jseroadrunners with our parent community! Feedback was spectacular, especially with a first year implementation, year two has been AMAZING!

We had sign-up codes all over the place at back to school registration and parents were signing-up on the spot. I could hear parents chatting to each other, “The Principal is really going to text us messages about school, that’s super cool!” Yes it is and we have 95% parent participation with our school wide Remind class.

Teachers have really hopped on board this year and our entire staff uses Remind with parents in their class. I of course subscribe to all their classes, which has added an additional layer to our communication web at John Swett Elementary! Being even tighter in the communication loop from teachers to parents has given me an even deeper connection to our school. With being in classes everyday and having our entire staff on Twitter, this Principal is super connected, and I love it!

We use Remind @jseroadrunners to help families with events around campus, dismissal times for school, but most importantly we’re integrating Common Core. Many of our teachers are sending open ended questions directly related to what kids are learning in class. This helps parents engage in conversation with the child that probably wouldn’t have happened before.  

Here are a few examples!
  • Encourage your child to formulate questions while they read to you. Asking Qs is our current reading strategy! (Use the attach feature to send pictures of anchor charts home)


  • Tomorrow I will be checking in with students on Science Project ideas. Please have your child write their idea down and be ready to chat!

  • Coffee with the Principal is at 8:30 tomorrow morning, please stop by coffee, pastries and discussion on the CCSS. (This came from our Middle School Principal, I happened to be on campus and stopped by)

  • We learned a new sentence frame to describe cause and effect relationships: Due to the fact that ----, ----. Ask your child to write one!

  • No math HW tonight! Instead, ask your child about the ex current event we did today & talk about the current assignment due Tuesday.

  • 2nd gr. use pics, #s and words to explain our thinking. Give your child a word problem and see if they can do all 3!

  • Hope to see you all down there, it’s the largest fundraiser for all of Martinez schools! (This fundraiser brought in $65,000+ and the schedule feature in Remind allowed us to plan ahead with our messages, it’s so easy)


We highly recommend using Remind school wide, you’ll develop stronger relationships, keep everyone in the communication loop and all stay connected together! You can also grab a widget through your account and post all your sent messages on a website, it’s another great way to get the message out!

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