Sunday, March 9, 2014

SVCUE 2014 Wrap-Up #svcue

What a day at #svcue......tiring, but what a day, and it all started with this as I walk into The Harker School. 

Having been connected with Karl on Twitter for quite some time, it was great to finally meet in person. Throughout the day as I 'met' educators 'in real life' that I've 'known' on Twitter, it's like you already know each other before that first in person meeting. 

I love learning!
I love presenting!
I love bringing teachers to conferences!
I love telling colleagues about conferences and have them send teachers!
I really love meeting educators who I’ve been connected with on Twitter for months/years in real life!

I brought my 5th grade team to The Harker School, talked them into presenting about all the #eduamazing that’s going on in their classes this year with 1:1 laptops. Shelly, Cindy and Jenn created a fabulous website and rocked their session. 

- Blogging on
- Genius Hour
- Assessment w/Google Forms and self-grading using Flubaroo
- Google Drive all day long
- Writing in Music and PE class, now that's Common Core
- Google Drawing to create digital posters

Thanks to Craig Yen for all his #edusupport from the crowd, love having an interactive audience to push the session. Same to Amy and Kenneth for hanging out, great to have Principals in the room.

Just getting warmed up for the session, Incredibox on one MacBook Air, and the other to Tweet away! 

Cindy and Shelly getting hooked up, thankful their Principal was in the room to help with some technical questions :)

@PrincipalDurham + @mrsfadeji hanging out in the 1:1 5th Grade Classroom session. It's so important for Principals to be in the room, and for me to have 'those' conversations with colleagues. 

- How would you roll this out in your school.
- Who did you need to have on board to make this happen.
- How'd you pay for it.
- So important and so thankful we're connected! 


My other 'Principal Sister' @chaugen came in as well, lovely having #teamnorthbay in the house at #svcue, love learning from my 'Principal Sisters'

Second round session was Ashley Williams and myself talking about Podcasting with audioBoo. We seriously had a great audience and some #eduamazing conversation and ideas from the crowd. 

Note - Ashley and I met last year when she was in a session I presented about Podcasting with audioBoo. We've been connected on Twitter ever since and decided to present together yesterday. It was seriously the BEST to present with Ashley, totally in stride together, only rehearsed the slides over the phone and there we were. Thanks again Ash!

The close out the day I presented the 'marathon session' round on How To Run Your School From Your iPhone. We had great conversation with my attendees and talked about some awesome ideas to move schools forward. 

Fun to meet Lisa and Todd in real life, thanks for all the ideas and Tweets Lisa!

My favorite + most popular Tweet of the day, c'mon leaders/Principals!

A huge Thank You to the SVCUE board for all your work, I'm tired but it was an awesome day for sure!


  1. Very nice recap! I hope one day to meet the folks that I interact with every day on Twitter. By the way, how can you run your school from your IPhone? That sounds really cool!

  2. I showed my Principal the Evernote Teacher Eval you did, and she's amazed. I am going to use it to help teachers with their tech integration when I push into their classrooms. AWESOME! It was one of the best sessions ever. Thank you for sharing your energy and brilliance.

  3. Loved the session how to run your school from your iPhone. Tried it today for a bit. It was an amazing day. Thanks for the inspiration.