Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Now THIS is Project Based Learning - Blended Learning #savmp

There are SO many articles in SO many different publications about Project Based Learning. (or Blended Learning) Just yesterday the newest EdCal arrived and on the front page was a long article about Milpitas USD and their Superintendent Cary Matsuoka (who I've actually sat next to and chatted with at a conference two years ago) and the work they've done with PBL/Blended Learning and how it's transformed their district.

At the end of each day I always go back through all my Tweets from @jseroadrunners to give myself a recap of the day, I can often 'forget' what happened at 9am in the morning, A LOT goes on during the day for a Principal. 

There has especially been a lot going on in @MStephensonJSE and @BNavarro_101 room the past couple of weeks. They both teach 3rd grade at John Swett and have incubators in class going with chicken and duck eggs. The kids have seriously been so excited learning about the eggs, hatching, anatomy of an egg, writing about the process and now some have finally hatched. During my peruse back through our JSE Tweets and reading the article in EdCal, I had to blog about the PBL/Blended Learning going on at our school.

Check out this Google Doc shared with me by a 3rd grader in @BNavarro_101 class, the kids have also been getting together and collaborating on Google Docs together in small groups. 

Project Based/Blended Learning in action!

Each student has their own Google App account and they've all done a drawing of an egg, labeled the anatomy and also written about the process. I'm always telling kids to share their writing with me on Google Docs, I love seeing their work and commenting directly on the document, they love it as well!

Mrs. Navarro just yesterday was doing a collaborative writing session with her entire class on a Google Document. Each student submitted a power sentence for the Informative writing unit about the eggs hatching, together, as a class.....I walked in the room while this was going on and the level of Student Engagement was unreal, they were so excited to brainstorm and work together!

Ducks on top, chickens on bottom!

Quick video of the first chickens hatching last week

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