Saturday, March 29, 2014

Going Places - So Much More Than Just a Book

Reading books to classes has always been a favorite part of my job as Principal, especially when it's a book like 'Going Places!' I preordered Going Places a few months ago and it finally arrived last week and I immediately Tweeted the arrival to my staff and they jumped on board for me to read.

Reading the book at home when it arrived, I automatically grabbed my laptop after the first read to watch the Above and Beyond video that I first watched last year. (embedded below) I'd actually recommend reading the book first, then show your kids the Above and Beyond video!

What do I love about Going Places?

- That it was written by two brothers @peterhreynolds @FablePaul

- There are SO many opportunities for kids to turn-and-talk with a partner and predict the next page.

- I really enjoyed 'staring dreamily' with each class I read with, was really trying to make the point that all kids think differently and all kids can benefit from those differences

- Going Places is a great book to change-up how you read each page. Some of the pages I would show the kids as I read, then others I would keep to myself and then show the pictures after I read the page. When Maya built her first prototype I showed the picture after I read. Also when Rafael and Maya debuted their 'Go-Kart' I kept the page to myself, always love building a little suspense and the kids love that also!

- Great conversation about being respectful when the child tells them they're going to loose, sportsmanship is a key conversation.

- The best prediction page is the last one with their frog-car-plane they built, great opportunity for turn-n-talk predicting.

- An overall conversation about where where the kids want to 'Go' and what they're going/hoping to achieve in life, such a great message!

- All kids can 'Go' somewhere, building confidence in students is a KEY component of our work as educators.

- Love the influence of nature throughout the story, look outside kids for inspiration. 

@MsKyWilliams inspired to collaborate with her class, go-cart creating and writing, great combination!

 Mr. Welcome reading to @s_wheeler1 class, such a fun class!

Thanks for the fun Tweet @BriscoeJSE 

We're 'staring dreamily' like Maya, great practice!

There were many more Tweets from the past two weeks, just too many to share. Check our school feed  (@jseroadrunners) for all the fun updates about Going Places! I've officially donated Going Places to our school library so kids can check it out again and relive the amazing story. Thanks to Peter and Paul Reynolds for your inspiration and enthusiasm! 


  1. Thank you, Mr. Welcome! WOW! You really went "above & beyond" in sharing not only the book--but the messages tucked inside... you really are an amazing educator and an inspiration to those around you - including those you connect with in the Twitterverse!

  2. Peter, thanks for the comment and of course for writing such an amazing story, be well!