Saturday, January 4, 2014

#oneword Depth

I read a great post by @jkloczko on choosing #oneword for the year to focus on and Tweeted this back to her!

After having a great GHO conversation with @PeterMDeWitt yesterday morning and spending the morning at school doing some work before kids come back on Monday, I've had some great reflection time about my #oneword!

We have SO many initiatives in education, so many directions we want to go, or are told to go, or try to go. How many do we sustain or are really sustainable?

Having depth is really important, for consistency, across the campus, across the district, for kids, for parents, for teachers, for principals!

I'm really going to focus on going deep with just a few programs/initiatives/ideas in 2014. It's not that I'm feeling overstretched or that I'm not giving certain programs attention on campus, just want to be very cognizant of my depth this year!

My list for this year!

- Writing Workshop @TCRWP
- Continued PD for staff
- SBAC understanding for Ts and Ss
- Common Core Common Core Common Core
- Have fun on a daily basis at school with kids and focus on #teamkid

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