Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Evernote - Helps Me Run My School - Blogging Challenge

I'm taking some cues from the Kelly Hines 20 Day Blogging Challenge and writing about Day 3! What is a website you cannot live without!

Evernote Evernote Evernote

Since I've been using Evernote (going on five years) I continue to find new ways to utilize throughout my professional/personal life.

I first used Evernote to replace my paper 'to-do' lists that would sit on my desk and sometimes get lost. Now those lists live on ALL of my devices, whenever I need them. Pieces of paper (large or small) cannot follow you throughout the day, I can't say how many times Evernote has helped me with something that in the past would sit on my desk!

As an Administrator, I take ALL my notes throughout the day in Evernote. Administrative meetings, teacher observations, parent meetings, conference notes and much more. With Evernote these aren't just written notes. You can take/upload photos to any note, record audio and attach a pdf if you want.

Ex: I can be in a classroom taking notes on my MacBook Air with Evernote. Something really awesome can happen and I can take a picture of that with my iPhone or iPad and directly sync that photo to a specific note in my Evernote folders. You can even sync the photo to the same note that you're working with on your laptop and it saves it all automatically, wow!

On March 8th I'll be presenting a SVCUE session "How To Run Your School From an iPhone" and Evernote plays a HUGE role in my position as an Elementary Principal!

Have a great day and thanks again to Kelly Hines for the blogging challenge ideas!

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