Thursday, August 15, 2013

The rock, with moss, in the river #leadershipday13

Time and again whenever I meet with Principals they always ask, how do you spread the usage of technology across your campus, so fast and with so much depth? Unfortunately there isn't a formula for all admins to follow and then reach their desired outcome. My analogy has always been about the rock, with moss, in the river! I believe in absorption and those around you (teachers) soaking up the goodness that you feed throughout the school day. 

- Don't tell your teachers they should blog with their class, the principal should start a blog for the school and be the author. 

- Don't tell your teachers they should Tweet, the principal should Tweet to parents and all the great learning that is going on in your school. Marketing + marketing + marketing!

- Don't tell your teachers to use voice (Podcasting) with their students, the principal should make announcements, interview students, pump up the school spirit across campus.

Then, after a couple of months.....the rock, with moss, in the river starts to digest all the goodness that is around them. Teachers start asking questions and you start a Wired Wednesday PD time after school for just fifteen minutes twice a month to show teachers how to set up their own blog/Twitter/AudioBoo account. Teachers start teaching each other and the excitement grows exponentially. And finally, a teacher approaches you about doing ALL of these things with their kids and they want your permission. Permission? Success!



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