Monday, August 12, 2013

Educational Hymn of a Tiger Principal?

I read Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua about a year ago and just got the book back for a friend who was borrowing. There were MANY parts of the book that I really enjoyed and agreed with, and many ideas from the author that I would not utilize with my own children or students at school. (The return of the book has gotten me thinking again)

With that being said we're two weeks away from starting school and (my fourth year as a site administrator) I'm constantly thinking about Rigor in our school. If you've read the book you understand the level of Rigor the author employed with her own children, and the results they achieved as well!

Many thoughts are circulating as we plan for the year.

  • What will be the long term impact of Common Core?
  • Are we anywhere near the level of Rigor that is needed for todays world?
  • What projects/skills are being used in school that are not Rigorous or Relevant?
  • How much Rigor is too much, so important to find the balance. 
It's actually a great read and will make you mad and laugh and question what you're doing. Recommended reading to all Principals trying to move their school forward, will change your mindset and arouse many questions!

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