Saturday, August 10, 2013

My Vision + Philosophy of Education #SAVMP

My vision is for EVERY Roadrunner at John Swett is to be connected, constantly thinking about thought provoking questions, developing a deeper appreciation for the natural setting of our campus, teachers bringing their classes outside to learn with their devices and parents continuing to support the school and their child!

I want to be collaborating with 4th/5th graders on their own Google Documents, and visiting their own Google Sites where they present their digital projects. I want teachers to be comfortable with 'letting' go of their classrooms, and asking students for technology help if needed and appropriate!

I want learning to happen anywhere anytime and for my colleagues and teachers to start talking about ideas that garner funny looks. (Usually I'm the 'radical' thinker and get the 'alien' look from people) The world has/is changed/changing and our schools for the most part have not. 

When I became an Assistant Principal my goal was to be the Un-Assistant Principal. Same thing happened with my Principalship, I strive to be the Un-Principal.....not doing the job like it 'has' been done or like everyone else is doing was/is always the goal. Our world is different, we want teachers to be different, students to be different, the leader MUST be different, way too much status quo.

Innovation innovation innovation!

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  1. Excellent post Adam! You summed up my thoughts on being an un-principal so well. One of the hardest things I had to do as a principal was to let go off the preconceived notions I had about the role. I wanted to be so much more engaged into the classroom than some of the principals I worked with.
    Keep striving to be the un-principal. And keep challenging others to do the same.