Thursday, August 6, 2015

What Should I Tweet About #KidsDeserveIt #teamkid

It may seem obvious to those who've already realized the power of Twitter and have been sharing with their school community! Surprisingly though, when talking with leaders who are just kicking off with Twitter at their schools, the first question they ask is what they should Tweet about?

Here are some ideas from myself and also some crowdsourced from other Principal friends!

- At morning drop-off during spirit days it's fun to snap photos of kids in their gear and Tweet super fast. I write a simple message and copy paste each time I share a photo, super easy and parents love seeing them real-time.
- Kindergarten students during Writers Workshop is the most amazing time. Young writers and their work is fabulous, share share share!
- Kickball during recess is always a favorite, love the action shots.
- Genius Hour presentations are super fun, photos of projects and kids in action are always popular.
- The garden! Love sharing photos with blooms, flowers, bugs, kids working in the dirt, so fun!
- Anchor charts, share those anchor charts! Twitter sharing/collaboration isn't just for parents, it's a great way for teachers to learn from each other also.
- Music performances during the day if not all parents can attend. I love sneaking backstage and taking photos to Tweet, kids think that's fun also.
- Hire some Social Media Interns and have kids Tweet under your direction. Give them an iPad, have them take photos from around campus, then write Tweets together. The ultimate level of Digital Citizenship and also gives your kids a voice!
- Donors Choose grants please! Don't write a grant and let it sit and sit, Tweet it out with a snazzy message, that's how grants get funded super fast.
- Come up with a school or district hashtag. It's an easy way for the community to track what's going on and stay connected.

Catina Haugen - Valley Vista School
- Everything!! 
- What kids are reading, playing, creating!! 
- What teachers are learning and sharing with students. 
- Drop off, pick up, recess & lunch. 
- Custodians, aides and office staff at work too! 
- It all makes for a complete story of your school!

Rachel Peck - Sargeant Elementary

- Behind the scenes things and people that go unnoticed sometimes,  but so important to the school
- Front office, nurse, librarian, food services, custodians, etc.

Jen Duston - ATLAS

- Back to school happenings...maybe a "did you know" for back to school
- Highlight a different grade level each week and showcase work, great teaching, students learning, grade level goals and progress made towards those goals. 

Jennifer Dinielli - Baywood Elementary 

- What got me hooked on Twitter is the idea that magical moments happen in our school all day, everyday. - - The child who perseveres, shared laughter, scoring that goal in soccer, finishing a great book!
- The idea that Twitter lets us share these moments with families & our community, both humanizes and celebrates our schools. 
- Twitter is a game changer, a culture builder and a must for me as a principal. #twitterlove

What else do you Tweet about at your school? Please share!

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