Monday, August 31, 2015

Be The One #KidsDeserveit

This past summer in Long Beach I took my first Uber ride. It was such a great experience and I've thought about my driver Mitch on many occasions actually. I then stumbled on this Uber video and it has me thinking.......

Educators are like Uber drivers. All our kids are different passengers (students), we pick them up at different places (academic/emotional levels) and bring them to different locations (different goals and needs they have.) Each has a different path, with different needs that we must differentiate for along the way! Uber drivers don't pick-up the same passenger at the same location everyday, it's always something different, just like educators.

It's up to you. Swing for the fences. Be the one that makes it happen. You are the one that can make it happen. Help kids find their path, guide them to their destination! 

We must take the time to differentiate - customize - go out of our way - adapt and simply be the one that puts kids first. 

- Don't let a student walk by you in the halls and not say hello. 
- Know every name, of every student at your school - if you don't, you're not in classrooms enough, that's our job as leaders!
- Be intuitive with students/staff, anticipate their needs before they come to you, have your finger on the pulse!
- Create learning opportunities for kids, don't react to a need at your school, be proactive and make kids famous!

Help kids/teachers/parents with their destination. I think in many cases people don't know where they want to go, they do want to be inspired though. Connect with them, guide them, support them, motivate them, push them, give them the stoke factor they need to achieve their greatness!

Go be awesome for kids, they deserve it!

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