Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Cross the Finish Line Together #KidsDeserveIt

Class goes a long way! People remember the actions that you take. How you talk with kids. How you treat staff. If you put others in the spotlight before yourself! If you work together!


Just today I was talking with a teacher about respect and how we talk to our kids at school. Kids know if you're real. Kids know if you're genuine and really care. 

The clip above and the conversation from today really bring me back to student voice. So many conversations about kids, never have any kids involved in the conversation about them. 

Doing what's right is doing what's best for kids. Thinking about them! Asking them. Putting them in the spotlight before us. We've been to school, we made a conscious decision to be an educator and build the confidence and mojo in the next generation! 

- Don't always focus on the win, focus on the process. 
- Focus on helping others cross the finish line, or maybe even just get into the stadium. 
- Sometimes all it takes is just a little nudge, a pep talk, a high-five, or maybe a note in the mail telling them you believe they can!

Finishing together is so much more enjoyable than finishing alone. Going on the journey together is so much better than being by yourself. 

Yes, you may finish with a 'slower' time if you wait for someone else? Does it really matter? Does it matter to kids? We're stronger for kids if we go on the journey together. Team Kid is a slogan we coined at the last school where I was Principal. It pointed all our decision making towards kids and what was best for them! 

Make sure you connect all the dots! Make sure you believe in each other! Make sure you work together! Make sure you cross the finish line together, we want EVERYONE to cross the finish line!

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