Thursday, September 17, 2015

That Feeling #KidsDeserveIt #edchat #caedchat

I must admit, that feeling is hovering inside me at the moment. It's been there for a couple weeks and I've been trying to fight it off. I'm hoping I can!

That feeling of being overwhelmed - too many initiatives - too many emails - too many forms to submit with sign-in sheets - too many new programs that need attention and too many older programs not being supported adequately - too many meetings, always too many meetings - too much conversation about non-educational things like parking, buildings, fences, sign-in sheets and forms - not enough supervision - wanting to implement fun/engaging programs on campus but simply not having the time - only having a couple of minutes, and not ten or fifteen to really engage with kids - being at work too early and staying too late and still not getting it all done - not seeing my family enough - knowing my balance is way off and being concerned about it - wondering what's coming up next and being concerned with the ability to support it 

There's not enough - interactions with kids - time spent in classrooms connecting and supporting the learning - conversations with teachers about teaching and learning or just conversations in general - face to face interaction - going deep with a few programs/initiatives to really understand/taste/smell the learning experience 

Head above water - head below - repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat......

What are we doing? 

What's most important? 

Where's the biggest bang for our buck?

In the classrooms - with kids - learning about what their #eduadventure is - talking curriculum with teachers and how to make kids MORE stoked about school - building relationships with parents to strengthen that home-to-school connection - helping kids to feel confident in themselves - showing kids what's possible to achieve, it's all possible - showing them that we believe and care about them!

What do you do with 'that feeling?' We must support each other! Please connect with me on Twitter or Voxer, we can't do it alone. I need you! You need me! We need each other! I need someone right now!

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