Saturday, September 5, 2015

Principals in Action - Riding the Slide #KidsDeserveIt

This Tweet from Alec Couros has always been a favorite motivator of mine. 

Yesterday morning I Tweeted this and the initial Principal response was outstanding! 

If you're a Principal and school leader, what are you doing to build connections with kids? 

You can't build connections from your office, you must be on the ground floor of your campus to....  
- engage
- motivate
- inspire
- support
- have fun
- connect
- move the work forward
- and...... Ride. The. Slide.

Principals in action must be the norm! We must not have the reputation or impression of the Tweet above that we're only called to action when a student is in 'trouble.' 

There is a No Office Day movement that pushes leaders to not spend any time in their office on a given day. I like this concept, but really feel that every day should be a no office day. Of course you need to spend some time in your office during the day, but all the action takes place on campus.

Run your school from your smartphone and you can stay connected to all the office work that needs to be maintained. Make being in classrooms the norm, so when you do have a busy office day, your staff and kids notice that they haven't seen you and ask if everything is ok. 

Yesterday was Ride the Slide, stay tuned for our next theme this coming Friday, it's going to be #eduawesome!

This is me!

Jen Duston from Ventura!

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