Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My Defining Moment #YourEdustory #savmp

You would think spending my entire childhood in my fathers 2nd grade classroom would have been my 'defining moment' as a future educator. The time with my dad was fabulous, so many golden moments with him, kids, parents, Principals and fellow teachers. 

I always remember how cool it was that my dad worked at a school. He never said he was going to work in the morning - "I'm off to school everyone!" 

Funny thing is, it took me going down a much different path at first until I had my defining educational moment. My multiple subject credential was done, student teaching was done,  and then I decided to attend Officer Candidates School for the United States Marine Corps at Quantico, VA.

Obstacle course in muddy and chilly Quantico.

OCS was great, loved all the physical fitness training. Loved the discipline, built amazing relationships with fellow candidates, and I really missed working with kids. My defining moment happened away from the classroom, and made me want to return and follow that path.

Thanks dad for all your support, miss you!

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