Thursday, March 26, 2015

GHO + Remind + Common Sense Media = Totally Awesome

Yesterday was such a prime example of what's possible in education if administrators, teachers, students, parents and districts harness the power of what is available to them. Remind approached me a few months back about co-hosting a webinar with them and Common Sense Media to promote their new Digital Citizenship Starter Kit! Of course I always say yes and the planning began!

A lack of Digital Citizenship can/will be the defining moment for many young people if they aren't properly educated and shown acceptable use. Being an Elementary Principal, this topic is extremely important to me, especially as my entire school is 1:1 and our staff is continually embarking on new edu-endeavors that push the envelope and make school relevant/challenging for our kids!

Reflecting on our Google+ On-Air yesterday (you can watch below) teachers and students should be doing the same in schools. A team of people came together virtually and collaborated on a presentation that was viewed all over the country. Students should be doing this with other students!

Some of the free tools we used, all should be available to teachers in their classrooms!

- Google+ Hangouts to broadcast the session! (free)
- Shared Google Docs to outline an agenda! (free)
- Remind - an amazing tool that helps you communicate with families and build school to home connection! (free)
- Common Sense Media has a plethora of (free) resources for anyone to teach Digital Citizenship!
- Graphite is also awesome for app, games and website information that can be used in classrooms! (free)

You can watch the hangout webinar below, or from the Remind Google+ page here! Thank you again to Remind and Common Sense Media for their collaboration, Making It Happen for educators!

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